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Snow Forces a Rethink

23/03/18 After the rainy days stuck in the campsite we were keen to get out and about. Our aim was to head to Gambarie, a key town in the Aspromonte… Read more »

Appraise my Donkey

13/03/18 The name of this post refers to the coast path that we walked on this day – Apprezzami l’Asino. The apocryphal story being that the path is so narrow,… Read more »

A Mystery Solved

09/03/18 We had spent the night parked outside the archaeological site of Velia-Elea (Velia – the Roman name, Elea the earlier Greek name), another Magna Graecia settlement. A brief walk… Read more »

Long Days Driving

02/03/18 – 04/03/18 We left Livigno pleased with ourselves for having survived the cold and happy that we’d managed to get some skiing in. During the cold nights we had… Read more »