Other Blogs

I wasn’t a follower of any blogs until I started looking at possible options following redundancy. It was through reading blogs of other motorhome travellers that we made the decision to follow in their footsteps, and it was through reading those blogs that I started to branch out and engage with blogs for my other interests.

Paul doesn’t tend to read blogs, but has to suffer having snippets read out to him. His response is almost always ‘how interesting’. But I know he enjoys it really. 

You’ll notice from my list that I don’t subscribe to any vlogs. It’s probably a sign of my age but I find them too intrusive. If I’m reading a blog I can interact with Paul as I go. If I’m watching you tube with my headphones in I am cut off, and without headphones is too distracting for the people (person) around me.

Motorhome Travels

Our Tour  Arguably the best known of motorhome blogs, the our tour blog is engagingly written and has plenty of information about preparing for and funding a motorhome tour as well as information about the destinations visited.

Our Bumble Follows Craig and Jo on their tours in their motorhome. Some beautiful photos and honest writing about the ups and downs along the way.

Aaron and Nicky’s Travels Aaron and Nicky have been travelling around Europe, spending a lot of time in France where they hope to buy a property while providing us with inspiration for walks and bike rides.

Motorhome Adventurers Esther and Dan – vegan motorhomers, at first I wondered if I would be able to find something in common with them, but their open and frank exploration of their motivation, illness and recent adoption of a pregnant stray dog drew me in.

Our Leap of Faith Fellow Devonians who spent a year touring in their motorhome and now are settling into a new lifestyle as campsite wardens.

2 Wanderers A couple of years old, but this blog has some great information about walking and other activities that has been helpful and inspirational. We’re hoping to follow in their footsteps and get some Via Ferrata under our belts later this year.

The World is our Lobster A blog covering three years of travel to every European country. One of the blogs I read early on that provided lots of great insight into the full time motorhoming lifestyle. 

Back on the Road Again I only found this blog after Carol commented on our blog. Much more of a travel blog than just a motorhome blog it has been great to dip into with some evocative writing.

Walking and outdoor activities

http://www.markhorrell.com/ Mark Horrell is a mountaineer and author of several books related to mountaineering. He is the type of mountaineer I still think I could aspire to be (who am I kidding) with his unpretentious attitude to hiking some of the worlds highest peaks.

Winterized is a blog started by James and Hannah when they were the ‘lucky’ recipients of a free Eldiss motorhome to take on a winter ski trip. They took a while to establish a blogging voice, but their opinionated and information rich style (don’t talk about inflatable mattresses) is a refreshing change from the many blogging people pleasers. No longer with a motorhome they are still providing snow related blogging content as well as moderating the Motorhome Skiing and Boarding facebook group.

Food blogs

Ginger Grandma A blog about family life and food – oh and it’s my Mum’s blog so I had to include it didn’t I?

Word of Mouth The Guardian’s food blog – it’s not all hummus and artisan beers, honestly.

Books and Reading

Fantasy Faction OK, this is much more than a blog now. A website devoted to fantasy fiction – one of my favourite genres – it provides me with plenty of inspiration for reading material for those long rainy days. 

Unbound Worlds Unbound Worlds is a Science Fiction and Fantasy fansite with my favourite feature – the ‘cage match’ between famous book characters

https://angelawooldridge.wordpress.com/ Angela’s blog about pursuing her ambition to write. With some published short stories under her belt she is well on her way. 

http://www.rosemarykirstein.com/ Rosemary Kirstein is the author of the Steerswoman series of novels, I found her blog when trying to find out if the series was ever going to be finished and enjoy reading about her writerly life as well as keeping tabs on what’s coming soon.

http://journal.neilgaiman.com/ Neil Gaiman is one of my favourite authors and lives in the world of the eccentric and famous. It makes for interesting reading even though it feels a long way from my idea of ‘real life’.