Overnight Locations

Here you can see all of our overnight locations since we started travelling in our motorhome. 

Categorising parking places is surprisingly difficult, hence the reason there are so many different types of parking spot on apps like Search4Sites, Park4Night or Camper Contact. We have tried to whittle this down to three different types of parking:

Campsites – locations that allow different unit types (ie caravans, tents and motorhomes) to stay.

Motorhome Parkings – locations that are specifically designed for motorhome parking, with a minimum set of facilities (water, disposal of waste water and disposal of toilet waste), some may have additional services such as electric hook up, showers and toilets. In fact some are pretty much campsites but only for motorhomes. They may be paid, free or somewhere in between (ie you pay for some of the services)

Parking Spots – Places where you can park your motorhome, either specific to motorhomes or mixed parkings. These spots don’t meet the minium service critera and may be free or paid.

We have recently started to add links from this map to the relevant blog page so that you can see what we did while we stayed in that location. It will take a little while to update all the locations retrospectively.