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Yet Another Amphitheatre

16/02/18 After Vesuvius we migrated north east through Caserta, a town strung along a main road lined with relatively affluent showrooms and stores. Our parking spot was towards the western… Read more »

Chilling Out in Itri

10/02/18 While in Campodimele we decided that we would drive down to Naples before heading north again for some skiing. We weren’t sure what we would do after skiing so… Read more »

Six Nations Rugby in Italy

04/02/18 While we were travelling Europe it seemed an ideal opportunity to watch England play a six nations match in Italy. Why Italy? Well firstly because it’s easy to get… Read more »

Overwhelming Rome

03/02/18 – 06/02/18 Rome has won the prize for the most overwhelming location we have visited so far. I don’t think either of us had really been prepared for a… Read more »

All Roads Lead to Rome

01/02/18 – 02/02/18 With apologies in advance to bloggers Paul and Michele of Our Leap of Faith. Yet again we appear to be stalking you. Great minds and all that…… Read more »

Hot Springs Eternal

01/02/2018 One of the things I’ve missed most while travelling in our motorhome is a long hot bath. I usually prefer a shower, but whenever I’ve been stressed, anxious or… Read more »

Avoiding the Riviera

24/01/18 From the Verdon Gorge we had decided that our route to Italy would be along the coast rather than through the mountains. This might have been the wrong decision…. Read more »