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Liberation Day

25/04/18 The 25th April is Liberation Day in Italy. A day to remember the end of the fascist dictatorship and the end of Nazi occupation. It’s also very close to… Read more »

Driving for Fun

24/04/18 Driving for pleasure is not something we’re accustomed to. We don’t really spend much time driving for the enjoyment of it. In Italy it’s even harder to enjoy a… Read more »

Beeping Italians

19/04/18 Our parking spot to the south of San Cataldo had been noisier than we expected. We thought we had chosen a good place as far from the town as… Read more »

In Search of Gas

03/04/18 Today didn’t go exactly to plan. We drove to Camigliatello Silano during the morning expecting to have at least one night here to do some further walking, but when… Read more »