The Kayak Makes an Appearance

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Wow, it’s been such a busy Christmas and tonight is the first time I’ve sat down in the van to do some blogging. I cant believe I’ve let it go for so long, but revisiting our memories of the sunshine in Spain has been a pleasant reminder of warmth while we sit in the grey cool winter of the UK.

So I cast my mind back to early December for this blog entry. It’s a good job I keep a diary!

So … we found ourselves heading back north and staying in a car park in Torreblanca Playa, or maybe Torrenostra, it wasn’t entirely clear. But whatever the name, the parking had a good atmosphere, on rough ground with no services, but free and moderately busy. We were entertained by a Polish couple and their cats on strings. You can probably imagine two inquisitive cats on long strings and how well that worked. The poor couple spent most of their time undoing knots and tangles. Every now and again the cats decided that sitting on the top of our wheels was the warmest most comfortable spot in town and we’d hear a thud as the owners pulled them out. 

Looking over the motorhome parking at Torreblanca Playa

The restored Torre de Guaita – possibly the only old building in town

The whole resort was quiet, not quite empty, a few motorhomes were dotted around in locations other than the car park and one bar was open with the football showing in their outside (covered) seating area.

With good weather and calm seas we decided to get the kayak out for a bit of paddling. We hadn’t even intended to bring the kayak on this trip – it’s of limited use in the mountains – but it was lovely to be out. There is something so relaxing about bobbing on gentle waves and even though this coastal area was not the most exciting we were very happy to be out on the water. I just wish I’d had my phone while Paul rinsed off under the beach shower – it was rather cold which encouraged the dancing of a little jig.  

Preparing the kayak

Mirror calm waters

At rest on the steep pebbly shores at the other end of the beach

That evening we wandered around the wetland nature reserve next to the parking area. The sounds of water birds accompanied us as we marvelled at the sunset colours and waded through muddy puddles.


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