Mull of Kintyre

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More rain had set in. Our plans had been to visit Campbeltown, maybe to take a walk to Davaar island and then walk up to the lighthouse on the Mull of Kintyre. But the weather was too wet, the tides were wrong (Davaar island has a tidal causeway) and all in all we felt a bit miserable.
We drove to Campbeltown, an attractive town with a very Victorian feel to it’s buildings especially along the seafront. Here we did a bit of grocery shopping and had a wander around, but were driven back to the sanctuary of Bertie by the weather. We then drove down to the southern coast where we might have been tempted to continue up to the headland of the Mull of Kintyre but the mist had rolled in from the sea (sorry) and there wasn’t any point driving up into it. To mark the occasion Paul and I had a little sing song in the van – I woke up that night with the slightly inane lyrics ringing round in my head.
Finally we stopped in Machrihanish, it had taken most of one miserable day to get this far – it would have taken three or four nice days! We took a short walk up to the seabird observatory where we stopped to admire the fantastic photographs and talk to Eddie Maguire who is the very knowledgeable warden there and had taken the majority of the pictures. It made me wish, again, that I had both the skill and the equipment to share pictures of some of the birds and animals we have seen. We made a donation and took away a DVD of photos backed by traditional music.

Because the weather was forecast to remain pretty miserable we decided to check into the Machrihanish campsite for a couple of nights to do some chores.

No photos as it was too miserable to be inspiring.

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