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Dunas de Corrubedo

07/11/17 We moved on from Boiro first thing in the morning, leaving the yappy dog behind us. Our destination was the Dunas de Corrubedo, a nature reserve on the west… Read more »

Roaming Roman Walls

04/11/17 – 05/11/17 We had been watching the weather forecast for a couple of days, tracking a low pressure system that looked like it would hit Portugal and Spain. It… Read more »

Dia de Todos los Santos

01/11/17 November 1st is a national holiday in Spain. Dia de Todos Los Santos – All Saints Day to us – is traditionally a day when families get together to remember… Read more »

Border Crossings

31/10/17 Crossing the border into Spain was barely noticed, no large signs declaiming the point at which we moved from one country to another, just a gradual dawning of realization… Read more »