June 2017 Summary

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Flaming June is now over, and although there were a few periods of heat, including that short heatwave, there were also some very rainy periods too. Sometimes it felt more like autumn than spring or summer.

June has seen us settle down with each other and into the travelling lifestyle. We feel more comfortable with the way that we’re living, and although we are still tweaking our arrangements, it all feels a lot more normal now.

In June we spent an average of £5.52 per night on accommodation, with 8 nights in campsites and one night in paid parking. The other 21 nights were spent wild camping. You can see where we stayed on our Overnight Locations page.

We spent £294 on groceries and another £252 on eating, drinking and enjoying ourselves, although I enjoy the free stuff even more. £179 has been spent on fuel, our fuel economy is pretty poor, but we’re not sure there’s much we can do about that when we’re doing short drives and spending a lot of time on narrow country roads.

We’ve been in Wales for all of this month, but soon it will be time to move on to other parts of the UK. 


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