Hanging Around At Home

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12/05/19 – 10/06/19

We are currently nestled into a spot on a campsite in Exmouth awaiting parts to repair Bertie. Bertie will not be moved while we wait and our friendly campsite owner has agreed we can stay here for the time being. Luckily we don’t need electric hookup, which means we aren’t affecting any bookings. We have no idea when the parts will arrive. The ETA was 6 weeks, and the garage doesn’t want to book us in until they are sure of delivery, so it could be well into July before Bertie is fixed.

Rainbows over Bertie

It’s strange to be stuck in one place, but that is eclipsed by the rather giddy delight of being back amongst family and friends. As usual we have rushed around to meet up with family,  spending time with our parents and helping my youngest sister celebrate her 40th birthday (which makes me feel old). We’ve been on walks in Devon and Somerset and have retraced old cycle routes on Woodbury Common, bouncing over the cobbles on the pebblebed heath.

Walking around Castle Nercohe

A walk on beautiful Exmoor through the Hoaroak valley

In Exmouth we have spent time with friends, including a celebration for my god-daughters 4th birthday and a splendid weekend at the free Exmouth Festival. I would have been made up to go and see T’Pau when I was a teenager, but I enjoyed it almost as much as a forty something, especially Carol Decker’s rather foul mouthed put down of the teenagers fighting in front of the stage.

Things have calmed down a little now, but we still have a some social engagements to look forward to. And we need to plan. With Bertie hobbled for so long it is going to impact our plans for the summer and we need to work out what we’ll do with ourselves.

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