Monthly Archives: October 2017

Lakes and the Silver Coast

26/10/17-27/10/17 As we drove south of Archachon the landscape became an unending monotony of pine forests on sandy soil. This huge forest was man made, turning sandy heath into serried ranks of resin… Read more »

Finding Summer in Arcachon

24/10/17-25/10/17 We still hadn’t got used to the size of France and this was in evidence when we moved on from Ile d’Oléron; Arcachon was the target for our next stop, but at slightly… Read more »

Final Days in the UK

17/10/17 – 18/10/17 The next couple of days were spent preparing for our journey under the sea. Under the eerie light of a sallow sky and umber sun, a product of… Read more »

Final Farewells

13/10/17 – 16/10/17 On the way south we took a small detour around the bottom of the M25 to allow us to visit friends and family who live in South… Read more »

Shopping – Ugh!

01/10/17 As you are probably aware, we were heading south at this point in order to attend Aaron’s passing out/graduation day at RAF Cranwell. As well as a parade and… Read more »

Border Lines

30/09/17 Having crossed the border back into England we thought it was only fitting that we visit Hadrian’s wall to see how the Roman empire managed the border with the wild lands outside it’s… Read more »

More Drizzly Days

24/09/17-25/09/17 As mentioned in the previous post, we had run out of water. We’d staved off the inevitable by one day, using the showers at the mountain biking area, but we… Read more »