\Welcome to our Blog. We are Becky and Paul (and our Motorhome, Bertie) and you can find out more about us here About Us

What are we up to?

Right now we are at the beginning of our journey. We have a few months in the UK before (hopefully) we join Aaron to celebrate the completion of his Initial Officer Training at RAF Cranwell. Then we’ll be heading further afield. 

Recent Posts
After Croyde we had a brief interlude near Looe with friends. We stayed at possibly the best value campsite I’ve encountered so far – West Weyland – it…
After our Chagstock weekend we had already planned to spend the rest of the week in Croyd with my sister and her family. Fortunately we…
When we started out on our adventure, we had decided to use Wales as a route to Scotland. The plan was to hot foot it along the…




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