\Welcome to our Blog. We are Becky and Paul (and our Motorhome, Bertie) and you can find out more about us here About Us

What are we up to?

Right now we are at the beginning of our journey. We have a few months in the UK before (hopefully) we join Aaron to celebrate the completion of his Initial Officer Training at RAF Cranwell. Then we’ll be heading further afield. 

Recent Posts
The weather was settling into heatwave territory, even Snowdonia expecting temperatures of 27 degrees, so we decided we needed to find a campsite where we…
As we headed for our next stop – Fairbourne, just across the estuary from Barmouth – we had to pass through the lower slopes of…
Morrissey once sang about the ‘Seaside town they forgot to shut down’, and that’s what came to mind when we arrived in Borth, a town on…




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