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What are we up to?

After five months touring the UK, culminating in Aaron’s graduation as an RAF officer, we are now heading for the continent. The plan is to travel down the west coast of France, Spain and Portugal before heading up the Mediterranean coast towards Italy where we will encounter our next fixed milestone, Italy v England in the opening weekend of the rugby union six nations tournament.

Recent Posts
02/01/18 – 06/01/18 It took some persuasion to move us away from our next stop, that and a very full toilet. The sun was shining…
31/12/17 – 01/01/18 We walked the coast path out of San Jose towards the east, working our way up through the streets of the town…
30/12/17 The drive to the Playa de los Genoveses involved a long and dusty dirty track which we might have avoided if it wasnt for…




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