Welcome to our Motorhome Adventures

We are Becky and Paul (and our Motorhome, Bertie). We are travelling around Europe in our motorhome exploring and indulging our love of the outdoors by hiking, mountain biking, skiing and more. Along the way we are blogging about our experiences, keeping a diary and hopefully providing information and inspiration for fellow travellers.

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What are we up to?

After our autumn trip to the Pyrenees we returned home for Christmas and New Year. Now we’re back in mainland Europe, intending to enjoy an extended ski/snow sports holiday in the Alps and then maybe a bimble around the Adriatic before heading home in time for some June commitments. But who knows what joys Brexit might bring our way, the whole gamut of possibilities, from known knowns to unknown unknowns is waiting to unfold before us.

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Recent Posts
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