Welcome to our Blog. We are Becky and Paul (and our Motorhome, Bertie) and you can find out more about us here

What are we up to?

We’re currently up in the Alps, making our slow journey back to the UK for the end of June. We’re looking forward to seeing friends and family over the summer months and are crossing our fingers that Bertie makes it through the MOT with as little pain as possible. 

Recent Posts
07/06/18 – 10/06/18 These blog posts may get a bit samey…visit a valley in the Aosta region, cycle a bit, walk a bit, see some…
03/06/18 – 06/06/18 South of the Aosta Valley is an offshoot of the Alps, Italy’s first national park. It is named after its highest peak…
While we were in Cervinia we sat and watched as the spring sun thawed the snow and created avalanches. The sound as the snow starts…




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