About Us

We are Becky and Paul Howard, a couple in our forties from Devon who have decided to use my (Becky’s) redundancy as an opportunity to take some time out and do some extended travelling in our Motorhome ‘Bertie’.

The opportunity has come at a perfect time for us as Paul’s son Aaron has left home and joined the RAF, and we have paid our Mortgage off so can earn some valuable income from renting out our house.

We have quite different backgrounds, I work(ed) for a financial services company in the IT and Change department, designing Business Solutions for Life and Pensions. Paul is an Electrician with a wealth of practical experience in all sorts of building trades.

Together we have always enjoyed travelling, but this has previously been as holidays of a few weeks rather than the months or years we are expecting to spend travelling now.

The plan is to travel around Europe, but we may venture further afield (probably not in our Motorhome).

We both love outdoor activities, so we’ll be looking for opportunities to walk, scramble, cycle and kayak as we travel. Paul will spend a lot of time fishing and I will be trying out the full culinary capabilities of the motorhome.

We are using this blog to keep in touch with friends and family as we travel. If you happen to be a complete stranger then welcome. We hope you all enjoy reading about our travels.